About Me

I am Jorune Gaucaite, an aromatherapy specialist and creator of “Baltic Rituals” candles and soaps. I was studying subtleties of professional aromatherapy at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in London. Although these studies were quite an unexpected turning point in life, scents have attracted me since my childhood, when I used to spend a lot of time studying them with my grandmother.

Aromatherapy is much more than scents; it is a science about the spirit of plants, vitality and harmonisation of feelings. Although all of it sounds like magic, I know that the right aroma has a huge  therapeutic power for human feelings, thoughts and state. I am constantly expanding my scent library and I want to share my knowledge of positive effects scents have. After all, ancient Oriental medicine has used scents for treatment of both the body and spirit since long ago. Namely for this reason I am very much interested in Eastern philosophy and deepen my knowledge of it.

I was creating “Baltic Rituals” candles and soaps according to special recipes in the very heart of the Baltic States, in Lithuania, combining the synergies of essential oils of plants with exceptional features and using real Baltic amber. Every uniquely shaped amber soap is both enriched with natural essential oils of juniper berries and limes and has 2% of genuine amber power, enabling to feel a delicate and warm aroma straight from the Baltic Sea. The aroma of Ylang Ylang flowers – sweet, deep and considered a true aphrodisiac – dominates in love and romance candles. Patchouli, which is a great help to relax and concentrate, is not accidentally chosen for the self-confidence candle, while the bergamot is for attraction of the success energy. Each scent is unique and has accumulated energy that I capture in natural soy bean wax candles. When the “Baltic Rituals” candle is lit up, soft and pleasant aromas spread in the space and affect your thoughts and spirit! I believe that these scents will surround your home with positive energy!

Your aromatherapist

Jorune Gaucaite